Willow Creek Community Church, indoor playground

Hi, my name is Annette Barrett and I offer 30 years of experience in the field of interior design; having expertise in the worship, corporate, education, government, retail, healthcare, residential, and hospitality markets.

Calvary Church, The Crosswalk

On every project I utilize hand-driven creativity to provide you with clever solutions to make your project message from the heart, regardless of the budget.

Northwoods Church, The Garage, Youth
Calvary Church, Cafe

The design process (programming)  is discovering  the purpose of your ministry or business, not what is trend or copying someone elses journey.  Sure, we glean from all types of building types, but your interior is meant to be a one-of-a-kind.   I will confidently lead the team in discussion and tap into my artistic tool box to help you develop core values for your project.  This is a wise way to make decisions during the design process.

Take a look at The Willow Creek Care Center and Special Friends Environment, both are great examples of developing state-of-the-art interiors that are thriving and transforming lives.

Care Center Link, Hope,Joy, and Life Banner beyond

Authentic Messaging is not an after thought and should always be developed right along side of the interior.  When done well, it bridges many times what words can not.   You are looking at the banners in The Link at Willow Creek; the congregation stood at the future site of the Care Center and formed what they wanted to become to families in need.  This is an excellence example of living your Identity in an interior setting.

Willow Creek Community Church, Special Friends treehouse

I provide relevant environments for Children   and have experience with developing spaces for children of all abilities.    Furniture Selection is a core speciality.    I can assist you in direct purchasing and overseeing the procurement process.  This can be a strong stewardship model for your project.

Willow Creek Crystal Lake, entry

No worship project would be complete without volunteer engagement.   It is crucial that these experiences are a “high serve” where volunteers are fully engaged.   I thrive at designing elements that allow volunteers to feel valued and build community.  In the photo above volunteers built the ladder walls that are to the left of the hallway.